• Wedding bands for A & A
    idamari bespoke wedding bands
    I had the pleasure of designing custom wedding bands for our lovely clients, A & A. For her, we created a wedding band that complements her engagement ring (the Idamari...
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  • Bespoke Minimal Engagement Ring
    Bespoke Minimal Engagement Ring
    Designed for a client who wanted a diamond engagement ring with clean lines and a modern look for his future fiancée.At the heart of this ring is a 0.27ct Top...
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  • Minimalist gift guide
    Minimalist gift guide
    1. Drop earrings  2. Continuum Ring 18k gold 3. Spring earrings  4. Droplet studs 5. Drop necklace 6. Vineyard bracelet 7. Remi hoops
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  • Acorn gift guide
    Idamari Acorn Jewellery Gift Guide
    Throughout the of history, acorns have been seen as emblems of strength, resilience, and fortune, serving as cherished reminders of the profound potential residing within the realms of infinite possibilities.
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  • Curve ring
    Curve ring
    This ring is launching soon in 18k Fairtrade gold as made-to-order.
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  • Redesign of 2021 ring for J
    Redesign of 2021 ring for J
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  • Idamari wedding rings
    idamari wedding rings
    This ring will be launching to the idamari fine jewellery collection in 2023 and can be purchased in 18k Fairtrade gold. 
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  • Diamond engagement ring in 18k Fairtrade gold
    Diamond engagement ring in 18k Fairtrade gold
    Bespoke engagement ring in 18 k Fairtrade yellow gold with a satin finish with a brilliant cut 0,085ct ct diamond. Top wesselton colour. Very slight inclusions.
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  • Celebrating Milestones
    Celebrating Milestones
    At the heart of this bespoke ring is a beautiful 0.89 carat oval pink cabochon sapphire, sourced from the arctic landscapes of Greenland. This rare gem tells a story of its own as it travels from source to the centrepiece of the ring.The pink sapphire is framed on either side by diamonds, contributing to a design that is both harmonious and balanced.Commissioned to celebrate a 40th birthday, it captures the essence of the milestone, creating a timeless piece that will forever carry the sentiment of this special celebration.
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  • Tourmaline ring for A's 18th birthday
    Tourmaline ring for A's 18th birthday
    Oval green tourmaline in a beautiful east-west setting, set in yellow gold. This ring is fully customisable, available for bespoke creation in 18ct Fairtrade Gold. This piece can also be...
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  • Organic wedding bands H&J
    Organic wedding bands H&J
    This couple wanted wedding bands similar to an existing idamari design, the Himmin ring. I modified the design a little, making his ring a bit wider and flatter and hers...
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  • Champagne diamond ring set in 18ct rose gold
    Champagne diamond ring set in 18ct rose gold
    18 ct peachy rose gold ring with 0.5 ct champagne diamond in cathedral setting  
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