Idamari Acorn Jewellery Gift Guide

Acorn gift guide

 1. Acorn charm necklace

2.  Acorn ring - 18k gold   

3.  Acorn drop earrings

4.  Acorn stud earrings

5.  Acorn charm necklace 

6.  Acorn charm bracelet


1. Everyday Elegance: The Acorn Charm Necklace 

Delight in the elegance of our Acorn Charm Necklace, designed for everyday wear. The acorn charm gracefully hangs from a 45 cm chain. 


Acorn charm necklace

2. Timeless luxury: 18k Acorn Charm Ring 

Made from 18k Fairtrade gold, this ring features a petit acorn charm that charmingly swings from its fine ring band. 

This rings revisits the historic importance of the acorn design while simultaneously providing a contemporary, minimalist look for a timeless, opulent piece.


idamari acorn charm ring in 18k gold

3. For the modern minimalist: Acorn Drop Earrings

The acorn earrings capture the beauty of small acorns in a sculptural form. Ideal for the modern minimalist, they effortlessly complement both classic and contemporary styles. Ideal for those who appreciate symbolism and minimalist elegance, symbolising potential and growth. 


4. Everyday Delicacy: Sterling Silver Acorn Studs

Catering to the refined tastes of minimalists, these stud earrings encapsulate the essence of simplicity with their miniature acorn design. Tailored for those who appreciate the elegance of understatement, they offer a charming option for elevating everyday wear. If your aesthetic resonates with clean lines and unembellished beauty, these earrings seamlessly integrate into your style, accentuating your affinity for minimalist elegance. 



5. Suble Minimalism:  Acorn Necklace in Silver

The Acorn Charm Necklace is made from sterling silver, featuring an elegant acorn pendant with intricate detailing, suspended on a 45 cm chain.For those with an affinity for delicate adornments, a mini version of this necklace is also available, catering to varied preferences.


6. Whimsical Charm: The Acorn Charm Bracelet 

The Acorn Charm Bracelet features five detailed acorn charms on a delicate link chain. This whimsical piece is imbued with the symbolism of acorns, encapsulating concepts of fresh starts, luck, prosperity, and patience. Ideal for those who relish the fusion of symbolism and captivating aesthetics, this lightweight bracelet seamlessly marries both significance and style.


idamari acorn charm bracelet
All of the Idamari acorn pieces are also available from FINEMATTER